Welcome to South Florida Worship

South Florida Worship is the music sector of Higher Ground Church. We love to worship God. Some of us lead worship on Sundays at 10 AM, some of us record music or music videos for seekers who are browsing the Internet, some of us are involved in music writing, or developing our talents for the Lord. We are vocalists, song writers, musicians, audio engineers, moviemakers, actors, directors, and producers.

Our music and our message are aligned with the interests of undergrad and graduate students, those beginning their career, the visionary entrepreneur, and the missions-minded young adult. All who are seeking the truth about God and life's most interesting questions are welcomed.

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Higher Ground Perspectives

These are some of Higher Ground's defining beliefs and practices.

Higher Ground Approach to Attire

To try to impress God or one another with expensive wardrobe is naive and wasteful. We set our eyes on more eternal things and prefer to honor our Lord with everything we do rather than everything we wear. Our members come in casual clothing or dress more formally as they see fit.

We do ask that attendees avoid provocative cuts because they have no purpose in a community seeking truth and personal growth.

Higher Ground Approach to Music

We recognized the value of many musical styles. Our emphasis is contemporary Christian music including alternative rock, R&B, dance, rhythmic pop, progressive folk rock, soul, hip hop, nu metal, hard rock, ska, reggae, retro, and progressive Gospel.

Higher Ground's View of Church

We believe that a biblical church body is a group of people who

The Location of Higher Ground

We have services and outreach events in multiple facilities throughout N.E. Broward County, Florida, including Lighthouse Point, Pompano Beach, and Deerfield Beach, and serve the people who live in these areas. We also provide information and resources for those seeking God throughout the world.

The central location for all public information about Higher Ground and its events and structure is this web site. Our main offices are in Pompano Beach, Florida. See our Contact Us page for our office mailing address.

Higher Ground Finances and Operations

Higher Ground Church is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization, so contributions are tax deductable. So that the impact of your contributions are maximized, we are also registered as a State of Florida not-for-profit corporation, and we keep our church's operational costs low, making use of contemporary communications techniques and technology, including web forms, postings, and forums and email notices. We save money by using existing public and private facilities in a way that is guaranteed by the free exercise clause of the Constitution of the United States. We are not overly concerned with facility ownership, finding unbalanced emphasis on such things as counterproductive to the cause of Christ. We consider careers and salaries important only to the extent that it permits us to do God's work within the local community and worldwide.


Higher Ground voluntarily adheres to the constitutions and bylaws of the General Council of the Assemblies of God and the Peninsular Florida District.

Higher Ground enjoys a cooperative relationship with Whirlwind Magazine and other affiliate Christian organizations.